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Penta Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is a Singapore-owned enterprise, established in year 2001 at Suzhou Industrial Park. Our company has one of the world's best designed equipments for vacuum metallic (hard coatings) and polymer (soft/waterproof coating). We have more than 15 years of experience in vacuum technology, our products and services range widely for companies involved in R & D and manufacturing sector.
Our main products include vacuum vapor deposition Parylene coating machines, MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) etching machine using XeF2, vacuum thermal evaporation machine, etc.
Penta Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd provides customers with state of the art coating equipment at the same time providing customers with excellent coating services in Parylene Coating (conformal coating processes using Dow Corning, Humiseal & Dymax) processes.
Parylene coating technology is widely used in aerospace, precious relics, silicone rubber, seals, magnetic materials, MEMS, circuit boards, sensors, biomedical and other fields. Parylene-coated product can increase the strength and temperature insulation, abrasion proof, chemical resistance (diluted chemical), corrosion-resistant. Our equipment are presently being used by many large enterprises all over the world, Nanjing Museum is one of our trusted user.
We also provide consultancy, service and repair on all semiconductor equipments, vacuum equipments, vacuum chamber design and manufacturing.
Penta Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd welcomes customers to test out our services we can also provide test coat their products.
Company objective: Satisfied customer, Good quality with first class service!

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Mobile: 13771878929 (Lynn Wang)     E-mail: lynn@parylene-cn.com pentasz@163.com
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