• parylene coating applied to paper mildew and reinforcement

    Date:2013-11-8 10:03:24

    Nanjing Museum and Singapore one hundred Teng Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. established cooperation Nambour (China) - one hundred Tang (Singapore) Pella Lun conservation lab on the 14th was held in Nanjing Museum signing ceremony, officially put into operation. Nanjing Museum researcher told reporters XI three-color, pull up a special camp Lun conservation laboratory studies, Nanjing Museum is currently the only one.
    Pella Lun (Parylene) is a mid-sixties American Union Carbide Co. Development and application of a new type of conformal coating materials, which can be coated to the surface of various shapes in the salt spray, mold, moisture, corrosive harsh environment has good isolation protection. Pella Lun in the protection of cultural relics in the application, is the world's most advanced conservation technologies, it can solve other materials can not solve conservation problems. The Pella Lun heritage protection, waterproof, anti-corrosion excellent heritage prolong life for more than a millennium.
    Nanjing Museum early 1990s had begun to study Pella Lun conservation technology, and achieved some results, Shanghai Museum of fish, leather and so on a number of important cultural relics protection through this technique, the conservation, display effect is very significant; while Singapore Bestown technologies is Parylene equipment, vacuum coating technology and related service providers. Cooperation established laboratory established, will be focused on the ancient Silk, the ancient costume, ancient books, fossils and other precious relics protection coating to study the ancient artifacts are better able to save. One hundred Teng Technology customer orders are welcome incoming Coating parylene coating equipment or processing.

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