Parylene main performance contrast table
Parylene protective properties
Cyclic damp heat test of coated board
  • The main properties of Parylene resins and other comparative table

  • Protection performance of Parylene

    Thermal properties

    The physical and mechanical properties

    Solvent resistance
    Thickness of 0.5--1.5mil film at room temperature for 90 minutes after the immersion in various solvents generated (%)

  • A circuit board cyclic damp heat test

    Insulation resistance (302 Ohm) MIL-STD-202 method

    Gas and the isolation of the wet

    Acid and alkali corrosion
    Thickness of 0.5 - 1.5mil films at room temperature in 90 minutes after the various reagents (%) (infrared measurement)

  • The application fields of Parylene

    Parylene plating technology is widely used in aerospace, circuit board, LED, magnetic materials, sensors, silicone rubber, sealing parts, medical equipment, precious relics etc.

  • The advantage of using Parylene:

    Can resist acid and alkali corrosion

    Can resist dissolution (not in common solvents dissolved)

    High temperature (high use temperature up to 140 degrees), anti cold (200 degrees)

    With there is nothing comparable to this barrier (low permeability gas)

    Strong reliability, has high insulation strength

    The coating can be obtained by Parylene, uniform, transparent and thin film.

    Can be applied to a surface of various shapes, including sharp edges, crack

    Economic clean, simple process, fast speed, strong ability of batch processing

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